Overcoming Guilt

Many cultures even in todays society has ways of dealing with feelings of guilt. From spilling our guts at confession, repenting on our own, or just seeing a therapist. We as human beings have many choices to make on a daily basis. In the world of human experience, we are swimming in thoughts, good, bad , or indifferent. We often hold onto the feelings these unnumbered ideas bring to us. If the ideas make you feel good about yourself, then you know that idea isnt one drenched in guilt or other negative emotions. But if you get a heavy heart multiple times a day, that takes a tremendous toll on your entire life. Starting with your body. Most dis-eases are caused by negative energy being trapped in the mind and manifesting itself in the body. You have a body, but you aren’t your body. Your body is a part of the universe. So it would be very wise to have some way to channel or rid yourself of negative emotions. I came across a practice of releasing guilt and other unfavorable feelings. Its called Ho’oponopono. Its very straight forward and simple. And works miraculously in removing concepts that are counter productive to our aims. It consists of phrases to be recited within yourself. Forgiveness is something that you do for yourself. It is you who feels the weight of lugging the burden around with you. Ho’oponopono is a wonderful way of working with yourself to make major breakthroughs in your habits and cycles. Forgive yourself and let go of hangups, hinderances, and anything else you are holding against yourself. Our lives are lived through our perceptions. So we want to keep that filter as clean as possible, so we can experience life with clarity and fulfillment. We often go through events and circumstances in life and develop self limiting patterns trying to protect ourselves from the others in the world. But if we are only perceiving life through our own perceptions, then its ourselves we must be mindful of. Thats why this method is so very powerful! Working on the self, to gain a clear vision, open heart, and inspiring path, makes one self sufficient in handling any obstacle one may encounter. Once we clean off our perceptions, we can see clearly what it is we must do to achieve our goals by way of inspiration! Until the next time, Keep your vibes up! 

Learn more on Ho’oponopono here!

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