Guilt And Relief

Ridding Yourself Of Guilt Using The Power Of Ho’oponopono!

Life, as beautiful as it can be, also comes with its fair share of stressful moments. In todays world we are moving so fast; between our short attention spans and cravings for instant gratification, we often end up carrying around junk thoughts and feelings. Just like our trash cans out back, if we don’t empty out ourselves of internal garbage it overflows and makes a mess, attracts critters, creatures and odors unpleasant to our senses. In a way similar to trash day, there are ways to deal with emotional and mental waste that we can do ourselves. Over looking our own mental and emotional rubbish is how we develop more serious conditions such as depression and anxiety, such as beating ourselves up over spilled milk, to punishing ourselves for past misjudgments or fears. It all translates into guilt. Guilt restricts our minds from recognizing the bright side that is present in all circumstances – Think glass half empty or glass half full. Its up to the perceiver of course. 

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. – Proverbs 23:7”

So if we walk through life seeing our glass half empty and beating ourselves up over seeing things this way, we get more of the same and it spirals out of control until we finally surrender to that spirit within and realize that everything is quite alright, once we get our problematic ego minds out of the way. The ego is vicious in clinging on to figuring things out and making sense of the events and situations in our everyday lives. It basically fills itself with problems by focusing on analyzing and figuring things out. When it cant solve its own problems it turns and attacks you! Lets use bills for this example. The bills come in and you complain about them like most citizens do. Despite your distaste for the piece of paper containing the amount of your hard earned energy you have to give up, you pay them but with an attitude of disdain. After paying, your little one asks for a toy you now cant afford to buy. Even though you explain how money is earned and explaining how they have to wait for Christmas or their Birthday to receive that request, you still feel guilty! That guilt gets pushed aside or buried right on top of all the previous negative ideas about yourself. Or if your like me, you buy the toy for your little angel and feel guilt about paying the bills late! Either way is no good for you or your goals. Guilt needs to be released and let go of DAILY! There are various techniques for practicing forgiveness, but today Im going to talk a little about Ho’oponopono. its an ancient Hawaiian practice for ridding the self of guilt, hangups, blockages, and negative emotions. It clears the soul of past, present, and future emotional and mental garbage so you can achieve all of your hearts desires in THIS LIFETIME!

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