The Infinite Self

I remember I was existing within myself. Invisible but lit. I could hear the voices/words/stories. They poured from each other like rivers and streams from the ocean, but there wasn’t any water or ocean. Just the essence, that being that always was existing. It was so easy to imagine it all then come in and forget. To make it hard for myself. So I could seek and seek until I find that “empty space” I’ve been trying to fill, is and never was empty. It was always alive and pulsing new ideas(states). It had been latent because of seeking in the world, what has been right behind the veil of my physical eyes. 

When I had this last vision, it was so difficult to return to this density and enjoy it. Now that I had felt the beginning of this individual body, I only wanted the experience of the eternal body. Which is that empty space within I had been trying to fill with high-risk experiences in this dense reality. Adrenaline junkie is an accurate description. Even creative artistic pursuits did not fulfill what I wanted to express. Which was that I need to know the mystery of myself. Why even in the midst of human love, I felt so disconnected in the world of density. When I began to discover my destiny of waking up and remembering that I am not many, but one. I endure it all, through the division and discord, to save myself at the end of the dream. And when the end comes, I am the one being who divided and weathered the storm. To wake up in the eye, to realize it’s just me just like it always has been. 

I imagined a world dense, then in order for my creation to grow and go on as I do, I had to give my entire self to my creation. In order to play as I do. I dream. And now my creation can dream! Choosing states, until the safety vest senses it’s time to start inflation and preparation for awakening from the illusion! Science tells us that on a quantum level observation determines the way matter acts and reacts. Without observation, everything exists as pure potential. In other words, everything that is a possibility is existing as wave energy. Or invisible creative potential. It is not until the observer collapses the potential by holding an image. The infinite wave energy condenses, to the particle that we can sense through the same infinite creative wave energy that is within our own being. The observer is experiencing this human density within! All the interpretations of wave and particle energy data is taking place in the being that divided itself in the very beginning of this game of growth. I am exists. It operates through imagination! It all takes place within us!

I am is God(I Exist)

And God(I Am) creates through Jesus Christ(Imagination)

I am creates through imagination!

Christ is the power of god and the wisdom of god.

Imagination is the power and wisdom of I am!

I am Christ! God aware of his creative powers!

I am Imagination! I believe in myself!

Use your imagination to create stories that enrich yourself and your world! Practice! 

I love you, I love you, my concept of love isnt the same as I learned it, Its grown and thats shown. I love you, I love you, my spirit has been redeemed, unearned, I make it known, Ive grown Words do not do justice to the feeling of divine love, its my experience that has risen above! My soul is on fire with the flood of Divine Love! I see no limits, barriers, or anything to be judged!

-Munir Vibes

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