Clearing Consciousness

The human mind at its core, is the start of all we experience in the world. The only creative power that exists, is within humanity. Your true infinite self is formless and cannot be seen. We can see the evidence of our true selves but eyes cannot see, just as our ego minds cannot comprehend. The most overlooked concept of our reality is the entire universe is under our command! But I’m referring to the part of you that is simply aware. 

Consciousness or awareness of being is the foundation of all existence. We as individuals are free to attach anything we want to that awareness of being. In doing so we get to experience the thrill of the creator becoming and enjoying the creation. Such as a musician composing a beautiful piece or an architect designing and building a structure. If we actually stopped and took notice of what this world is made of, we would discover that there isn’t anything existing that was not only existing in a human mind at its beginning. If we apply the same curiosity to the mystical and mysterious origin of the self, we could apply the same principle and it would lead us to our own awareness of being as the cause of life itself. 

Consciousness refers to itself as I am. When you state I am, that is awareness declaring itself to be. What you attached to your awareness is exactly what you will get in your human experience. This is law, just like gravity is a law. The law of mind is, as you think so you are. As the only beings on the planet with this ability to choose our state of mind, we often take this wisdom for granted. Due to learned cyclic and habitual behavior. Our bodies produce chemicals when we think and feel. Most people are stuck in loops of behavior that are actually counterproductive to their goals and desires. The body starts to crave the chemicals of the pattern or frequent thoughts and emotions. 

One way to overcome this is letting go of everything you attached to your awareness of being. Getting clear and acknowledging only your awareness of being. This will start to rearrange the mind and body. The whole universe moves when consciousness moves. You can practice this at any time. Sit quietly and close your eyes thinking only that you are. You can use the words I am! Feel as if nothing matters, except that you are. Making this a habit is a great way to stay clear of attaching unwanted concepts to your awareness. You should only ever be entertaining and encouraging uplifting ideas in order to stay on your target course. Let’s grow together as human beings and notice and monitor what our true selves are thinking and feeling! Another powerful method of clearing is Ho’ oponopono. It consists of using phrases repeated in your mind to cleanse your being and ultimately your world!

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