Clearing Consciousness

The human mind at its core, is the start of all we experience in the world. The only creative power that exists, is within humanity. Your true infinite self is formless and cannot be seen. We can see the evidence of our true selves but eyes cannot see, just as our ego minds cannot comprehend. The most overlooked concept of our reality is the entire universe is under our command! But I’m referring to the part of you that is simply aware. 

Consciousness or awareness of being is the foundation of all existence. We as individuals are free to attach anything we want to that awareness of being. In doing so we get to experience the thrill of the creator becoming and enjoying the creation. Such as a musician composing a beautiful piece or an architect designing and building a structure. If we actually stopped and took notice of what this world is made of, we would discover that there isn’t anything existing that was not only existing in a human mind at its beginning. If we apply the same curiosity to the mystical and mysterious origin of the self, we could apply the same principle and it would lead us to our own awareness of being as the cause of life itself. 

Consciousness refers to itself as I am. When you state I am, that is awareness declaring itself to be. What you attached to your awareness is exactly what you will get in your human experience. This is law, just like gravity is a law. The law of mind is, as you think so you are. As the only beings on the planet with this ability to choose our state of mind, we often take this wisdom for granted. Due to learned cyclic and habitual behavior. Our bodies produce chemicals when we think and feel. Most people are stuck in loops of behavior that are actually counterproductive to their goals and desires. The body starts to crave the chemicals of the pattern or frequent thoughts and emotions. 

One way to overcome this is letting go of everything you attached to your awareness of being. Getting clear and acknowledging only your awareness of being. This will start to rearrange the mind and body. The whole universe moves when consciousness moves. You can practice this at any time. Sit quietly and close your eyes thinking only that you are. You can use the words I am! Feel as if nothing matters, except that you are. Making this a habit is a great way to stay clear of attaching unwanted concepts to your awareness. You should only ever be entertaining and encouraging uplifting ideas in order to stay on your target course. Let’s grow together as human beings and notice and monitor what our true selves are thinking and feeling! Another powerful method of clearing is Ho’ oponopono. It consists of using phrases repeated in your mind to cleanse your being and ultimately your world!

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Guilt And Relief

Ridding Yourself Of Guilt Using The Power Of Ho’oponopono!

Life, as beautiful as it can be, also comes with its fair share of stressful moments. In todays world we are moving so fast; between our short attention spans and cravings for instant gratification, we often end up carrying around junk thoughts and feelings. Just like our trash cans out back, if we don’t empty out ourselves of internal garbage it overflows and makes a mess, attracts critters, creatures and odors unpleasant to our senses. In a way similar to trash day, there are ways to deal with emotional and mental waste that we can do ourselves. Over looking our own mental and emotional rubbish is how we develop more serious conditions such as depression and anxiety, such as beating ourselves up over spilled milk, to punishing ourselves for past misjudgments or fears. It all translates into guilt. Guilt restricts our minds from recognizing the bright side that is present in all circumstances – Think glass half empty or glass half full. Its up to the perceiver of course. 

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. – Proverbs 23:7”

So if we walk through life seeing our glass half empty and beating ourselves up over seeing things this way, we get more of the same and it spirals out of control until we finally surrender to that spirit within and realize that everything is quite alright, once we get our problematic ego minds out of the way. The ego is vicious in clinging on to figuring things out and making sense of the events and situations in our everyday lives. It basically fills itself with problems by focusing on analyzing and figuring things out. When it cant solve its own problems it turns and attacks you! Lets use bills for this example. The bills come in and you complain about them like most citizens do. Despite your distaste for the piece of paper containing the amount of your hard earned energy you have to give up, you pay them but with an attitude of disdain. After paying, your little one asks for a toy you now cant afford to buy. Even though you explain how money is earned and explaining how they have to wait for Christmas or their Birthday to receive that request, you still feel guilty! That guilt gets pushed aside or buried right on top of all the previous negative ideas about yourself. Or if your like me, you buy the toy for your little angel and feel guilt about paying the bills late! Either way is no good for you or your goals. Guilt needs to be released and let go of DAILY! There are various techniques for practicing forgiveness, but today Im going to talk a little about Ho’oponopono. its an ancient Hawaiian practice for ridding the self of guilt, hangups, blockages, and negative emotions. It clears the soul of past, present, and future emotional and mental garbage so you can achieve all of your hearts desires in THIS LIFETIME!

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The Infinite Self

I remember I was existing within myself. Invisible but lit. I could hear the voices/words/stories. They poured from each other like rivers and streams from the ocean, but there wasn’t any water or ocean. Just the essence, that being that always was existing. It was so easy to imagine it all then come in and forget. To make it hard for myself. So I could seek and seek until I find that “empty space” I’ve been trying to fill, is and never was empty. It was always alive and pulsing new ideas(states). It had been latent because of seeking in the world, what has been right behind the veil of my physical eyes. 

When I had this last vision, it was so difficult to return to this density and enjoy it. Now that I had felt the beginning of this individual body, I only wanted the experience of the eternal body. Which is that empty space within I had been trying to fill with high-risk experiences in this dense reality. Adrenaline junkie is an accurate description. Even creative artistic pursuits did not fulfill what I wanted to express. Which was that I need to know the mystery of myself. Why even in the midst of human love, I felt so disconnected in the world of density. When I began to discover my destiny of waking up and remembering that I am not many, but one. I endure it all, through the division and discord, to save myself at the end of the dream. And when the end comes, I am the one being who divided and weathered the storm. To wake up in the eye, to realize it’s just me just like it always has been. 

I imagined a world dense, then in order for my creation to grow and go on as I do, I had to give my entire self to my creation. In order to play as I do. I dream. And now my creation can dream! Choosing states, until the safety vest senses it’s time to start inflation and preparation for awakening from the illusion! Science tells us that on a quantum level observation determines the way matter acts and reacts. Without observation, everything exists as pure potential. In other words, everything that is a possibility is existing as wave energy. Or invisible creative potential. It is not until the observer collapses the potential by holding an image. The infinite wave energy condenses, to the particle that we can sense through the same infinite creative wave energy that is within our own being. The observer is experiencing this human density within! All the interpretations of wave and particle energy data is taking place in the being that divided itself in the very beginning of this game of growth. I am exists. It operates through imagination! It all takes place within us!

I am is God(I Exist)

And God(I Am) creates through Jesus Christ(Imagination)

I am creates through imagination!

Christ is the power of god and the wisdom of god.

Imagination is the power and wisdom of I am!

I am Christ! God aware of his creative powers!

I am Imagination! I believe in myself!

Use your imagination to create stories that enrich yourself and your world! Practice! 

I love you, I love you, my concept of love isnt the same as I learned it, Its grown and thats shown. I love you, I love you, my spirit has been redeemed, unearned, I make it known, Ive grown Words do not do justice to the feeling of divine love, its my experience that has risen above! My soul is on fire with the flood of Divine Love! I see no limits, barriers, or anything to be judged!

-Munir Vibes

Breaking Through Barriers

Have you ever wanted to achieve something but even before you think of trying, failure presents itself in so many ways that it scares the life energy right out of you?! Ive encountered many instances personally in which my fear drove my actions, or lack of action I should say. Im sure Im not alone when I admit to my fear being crippling at one point or another in my life. We all have run ins with fear and we all have our own ways of dealing. Instinctual fear can be helpful in dangerous situations, yes thats true. But the kind of fear Im talking about right now is the type that holds you back from believing you can achieve anything! It shows up as procrastination when you’re afraid of starting a new side hustle or excuses for meeting up with new people from work. Whatever it is you secretly crave to enjoy, but hold yourself back from, is only a “feeling” away from you experiencing it! Fear is a base emotion. As intelligent beings, we humans must practice self control. We must control our feelings and our thoughts as well. This can be done using any of the many different methods and techniques of meditation and mindfulness, such as Ho’oponopono. It is a remarkable way to regain a grip on your life and start living up to your purpose-filled life of satisfaction. It only requires that we desire to be more than what we are currently, and getting into the state of mind that inspires our actions. Being led to our fulfillment of a purposeful life of enjoyment and wonders through our inner potential to imagine ourselves as we wish to be! Practicing Ho’oponopono has eliminated the fear surrounding my ideas, so that inspiration could shine into my mind! With my mind well lit with inner promise and a, “Yes I Can” conviction about my idea, it manifests itself in the most perfect and natural way! I recommend learning more about Ho’oponopono if you have any limiting beliefs, negative self images, or barriers to breakthrough. All the best on your journey! Keep your vibes up! 

Overcoming Guilt

Many cultures even in todays society has ways of dealing with feelings of guilt. From spilling our guts at confession, repenting on our own, or just seeing a therapist. We as human beings have many choices to make on a daily basis. In the world of human experience, we are swimming in thoughts, good, bad , or indifferent. We often hold onto the feelings these unnumbered ideas bring to us. If the ideas make you feel good about yourself, then you know that idea isnt one drenched in guilt or other negative emotions. But if you get a heavy heart multiple times a day, that takes a tremendous toll on your entire life. Starting with your body. Most dis-eases are caused by negative energy being trapped in the mind and manifesting itself in the body. You have a body, but you aren’t your body. Your body is a part of the universe. So it would be very wise to have some way to channel or rid yourself of negative emotions. I came across a practice of releasing guilt and other unfavorable feelings. Its called Ho’oponopono. Its very straight forward and simple. And works miraculously in removing concepts that are counter productive to our aims. It consists of phrases to be recited within yourself. Forgiveness is something that you do for yourself. It is you who feels the weight of lugging the burden around with you. Ho’oponopono is a wonderful way of working with yourself to make major breakthroughs in your habits and cycles. Forgive yourself and let go of hangups, hinderances, and anything else you are holding against yourself. Our lives are lived through our perceptions. So we want to keep that filter as clean as possible, so we can experience life with clarity and fulfillment. We often go through events and circumstances in life and develop self limiting patterns trying to protect ourselves from the others in the world. But if we are only perceiving life through our own perceptions, then its ourselves we must be mindful of. Thats why this method is so very powerful! Working on the self, to gain a clear vision, open heart, and inspiring path, makes one self sufficient in handling any obstacle one may encounter. Once we clean off our perceptions, we can see clearly what it is we must do to achieve our goals by way of inspiration! Until the next time, Keep your vibes up! 

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