Breaking Through Barriers

Have you ever wanted to achieve something but even before you think of trying, failure presents itself in so many ways that it scares the life energy right out of you?! Ive encountered many instances personally in which my fear drove my actions, or lack of action I should say. Im sure Im not alone when I admit to my fear being crippling at one point or another in my life. We all have run ins with fear and we all have our own ways of dealing. Instinctual fear can be helpful in dangerous situations, yes thats true. But the kind of fear Im talking about right now is the type that holds you back from believing you can achieve anything! It shows up as procrastination when you’re afraid of starting a new side hustle or excuses for meeting up with new people from work. Whatever it is you secretly crave to enjoy, but hold yourself back from, is only a “feeling” away from you experiencing it! Fear is a base emotion. As intelligent beings, we humans must practice self control. We must control our feelings and our thoughts as well. This can be done using any of the many different methods and techniques of meditation and mindfulness, such as Ho’oponopono. It is a remarkable way to regain a grip on your life and start living up to your purpose-filled life of satisfaction. It only requires that we desire to be more than what we are currently, and getting into the state of mind that inspires our actions. Being led to our fulfillment of a purposeful life of enjoyment and wonders through our inner potential to imagine ourselves as we wish to be! Practicing Ho’oponopono has eliminated the fear surrounding my ideas, so that inspiration could shine into my mind! With my mind well lit with inner promise and a, “Yes I Can” conviction about my idea, it manifests itself in the most perfect and natural way! I recommend learning more about Ho’oponopono if you have any limiting beliefs, negative self images, or barriers to breakthrough. All the best on your journey! Keep your vibes up! 

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